Want to be a part of a community that is tired of the hustle and bustle of trying to do "all the things" only to feel burnt out and overwhelmed?


We walk through this journey together and create healthy habits and disciplines that will last the test of time.


We believe that you can do "all the things" without burnout or exhaustion.


Goal setting

Monthly Live Goal Setting Workshop.

muscle hustle


Fitness Guide

journal prompts

Monthly Journal Prompts & Reading Assignments


Private Faceboook Community

focal word

Focus Word

of the Month

memory verse


Memory Verse

weekly challenges

Challenges for healthier better living


Monthly Guide for

getting Disciplined

and so much more...

Who is this membership for?

Still trying to do all the things and you are sick and tired of it? Still trying the same things over and over and they're just not working? Scrolling Pinterest for that magical blog post that is going to miraculously make your home organize itself, your body get out of bed healthy & ready for the day, and your productivity soar? That doesn't exist... but we do and The Disciplined Woman membership program can help you:

Get organized and prioritized

Focus on what actually needs to be done!

Set attainable and actionable goals

Get in better shape and form healthy habits

Memorize scripture and get your relational priorities set straight



Mental health is often put on the back burner or not acknowledged at all. Mental health is just as important as any other aspect of wellness.


Shaela takes special care in creating fitness programs that can fit or be modified to meet an array of physical health needs. These workouts are amazing!


So many times in today's world we get distracted from the people we love. But did you know social health is extremely vital to our well-being?


Possibly the most vital of our health and wellness needs is our spiritual health. But it is often ignored or left alone while other areas of health are tended to.



This seems time-consuming I am already drowning in things I can't get done. How will this help me?

Each month we will have a goal-setting day. In that time we will learn and focus a small portion on priorities. So, stop being "busy" and prioritize with us so that all those time-consuming things can be put in their place and you can stop drowning. We would say if you are in that season. You probably need that more than most.

What is the refund policy?
While we don't offer refunds because of the month to month nature of this subscription, as long as you cancel your membership by the 25th of the month prior you will not be charged any longer. Although, we're hoping you stick around for the long haul because it's only going to get better and better together.

Couldn't I just get organized and do all these things on my own?
YES! But the mere fact that you are even considering it tells us that you could use the accountability and the tools in this membership. PLUS, we get being a loner. BUT who wants to do all these things on their own?

Is there a contract?
Nope! You pay month to month and can cancel any time. In order to not be charged for the month coming up, just make sure that you cancel on or before the 25th of the previous month.

Is the content dripped throughout the month or does it all come at once?
Well, we hate waiting. So, other than the Facebook Live Workshops and Check-in's it's all given to you at once on the first of each month. Although we also like surprises and random gifts, so occasionally throughout the year, we might drop something new from time to time in your membership dashboard at some random point during the month. We'll see.

Do I have to buy the whole membership? Could I just buy the Journal or the Monthly Mission?
Unfortunately, you can only access it as a member. BUT if you aren't ready to take the plunge into the whole program and are wanting a journal we have a few other options here.

Can I just buy the workouts?
It's a packaged deal.  They only come with the membership. BUT if you are wanting something that is more focused on fitness Shaela has some great options for you here.

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